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by Cœur de pirate

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released August 28, 2015

Music and lyrics by Béatrice Martin
Additionnal lyrics on I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart by Allan Kingdom
Produced by Björn Yttling, Ash Workman and Rob Ellis
Pre-production by Renaud Bastien
Mixed by Lasse Mårtén
Additional mixing on I Don’t Want To Break Your Heart by Ash Workman
Mastered by Marc Thériault at Le Lab Mastering
Additional recording by Pascal Sheftheshy at Studio PM
A&R – Eli Bissonnette and Antoine Dathanat
Executive Production by Eli Bissonnette, Jeanne Joly and Audrey Canuel
Artwork by Hsiao-Ron Cheng



all rights reserved


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Cœur de pirate Montréal, Québec

Cœur de Pirate is the solo project of singer Béatrice Martin. She has been playing piano since age 3 and released her acclaimed debut album in 2008. After touring extensively, she was nominated for and won several awards in Canada and France. In November 2011, Martin released her highly-anticipated second effort "Blonde" co-produced by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, The Dears) and herself. ... more


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Track Name: Carry On
We sat on the edge
Of worlds today
The light of their sundowns
On my fate

And we're tried and true
Our souls we bare
You promised to love me
For some time

So don't let me fall
Don't let me fall
Let the night time come its way
Don't let me fall
Don't let me fall, your way

And carry on
Just cross the waters, I'll be okay
Cause I've been loved, I've been loved enough today
I know your fears
Are hidden well beneath your wind
So don't be long, leave me here
Let me belong

In darkness we rise
At twilight we sway
Only then do we feel alive

The verve we once had
Lies in the bay
I hear it yelling for our lives

So don’t you let me fall
So don’t you let me fall
Let the night time come its way
Track Name: Crier tout bas
Je t'ai vu tracer, le long du paysage
Une ligne des aimés qui détruisent ton langage
Et quand tu chantais plus fort dans ton silence
Je voyais les larmes couler toujours à contresens

Mais quand les saisons attendront ton retour
Ce sera le vent qui portera secours

Et si la terre est sombre
Et si la pluie te noie
Raconte moi qu'on puisse trembler ensemble
Si le jour ne vient pas
Dans la nuit des perdus
Raconte moi qu'on puisse crier tout bas

J'ai voulu calmer ton souffle qui s'étouffait
Des courses vers le vide, ton rire qui soupirait
Si tu mets le cap vers des eaux restant troubles
Je serai le phare qui te guidera toujours
Track Name: I Don't Want to Break Your Heart (feat. Allan Kingdom)
Those street lights are changing
As new waves of sorrow enter the night
And concrete walls can sing
All of the times we raged in fright

Can you face the facts or are you ignoring
What we've become
And I'll walk in silence until I have found
What needs to be done

But I don’t want to break your heart
It's hard enough that we're apart
All I can say is your name
What we had could not be tamed

And we can fight all we want
The sun is setting on our love
And I can't take another lie
So for now I'll say goodbye

I can recall all of the times
That I’ve waited for you
Just give me a sign that you want to hear
What we are going through

And those walls keep our secrets
And they're ignoring what we've become
Just walk out in silence I think we've found
What needs to be done

I told my bae it's her life
And she the freshest for getting me
Told her goodbye, because this ride
Could get dirty yea
I couldn't lie I keep my message like 3rd degree
Burn you inside, ain't wanna fire my lady yea
Wait till I'm 88 then I'll have the key
Thinkin back on my shorty, and realize it's for me
I leave the date then I radiate, I'm young and I'm free
Thinkin back can't be sorry, I love you best when I leave
Aw boo
Track Name: Drapeau blanc
Comment t'écrire que les journées demeurent longues
J'admire le ciel qui s'étend pour faire de l'ombre
Et t'écrire, c'est dire au revoir, et pour de bon

On s'est bercées, enchantées, jetées d'un bord à l’autre 

Pour me plaire, pour te plaire je t'ai leurrée de voyages
De rester sage, et d'orées d’or

Et j'abdique, j'abandonne j'en ai brûlé ton drapeau blanc
Tant que les notes résonnent, je jure qu'on peut arrêter le temps
Et ne me laisse jamais seule
Ne me laisse jamais seule
Qu'on ne se laisse plus seules avec le temps

Silence sur silence qu’on gardait lors des confrontations
Qu'on avait qu'on puisait hors de toutes les raisons
Pour s'enfuir loin de ces cloisons

Tandis qu’on se perd dans ces voies invalides
Ces instants qu’on perd à force de construire de vide
D’étreintes qui ne se tiennent que de raison
Track Name: Undone
I ran an endless race
To leave the land I know
Sometimes I feel so restless
Some things I'll never show

But you held my hand
Through the wind, our cold
And if there's a fight, you said
I won't face it alone

And undone is what I am
You won't ever see me through
But as I stand tall with you, I know
That I'll be whole again
You'll make me whole again

You carried all my fears
You let my demons play
And constant lights are cast upon
Our path to better days

So in sickness and thunder
You'll stay by my side
And if our bones must shudder
We'll find peace of mind

And I tried and I tried to rest our fears where we lay
But the lights and the fights we hold they could leave us astray
And just try to leave me love me love me as I am
But we try can we not do this in vain
Track Name: Oceans Brawl
Brought a knife to hell and saw
What was left down there and more
Hide and seeked for far too long
Kept my treasures with my bones

Lived for lies, lived for tales
Lived for good and hit the rails
Love you boy with what I know
Hid that love up with my bones

Found the fire in the rain
Burning drops drowned all my pain
Listen to the oceans brawl
I’ll find you and then I’ll crawl

Pierced your arrow through my heart
Wanted me, now want me gone
In your hiding you’re alone
Kept your treasures with my bones

Told me lies, told me tales
Lived for bad, and hit the rails
Hate you boy with what I know
Picked my love up with my bones

Found the fire in the rain
Burning drops drowned all my pain
Listen to the oceans brawl
I’ll find you and then I’ll crawl
Track Name: Our Love
I hear the sea, it roars
Into my secret hell
You’re screaming at the door
And I can hardly yell

And times are hard, I’m longing to see
A different view where you’re longing for me
I hear the sea, it roars
And I want out of here

Our love remains a breaking wave
Nothing’s left but the sand
Our love remains a race to the end
Nothing’s left but the lies

I hear your song, it calls
But you were never there
All that I know is gone
And I can live again

And times are hard, I’m longing to see
A different view, are you longing for me
I hear your song, it roars
And I want out of here
Track Name: Cast Away
Cast away the shadows of your heart
If you're always aiming for a better part
In this play that punctuates your life, your goals
You think you know, you're down below

And you’ve kept your distances from me
Carried on with all your fears that set you free
But at night you change into the darkest swan
With all its fears, you’ve come undone

And I don't know if you've been hurt before
And all the scars your bare are from a previous war
But if it's fear of love that keeps you out of open arms
Then I will leave the lights on any trail to come
And you will find your way in any given storm

I remember walking you to hell
When you asked the man for one last mission bell
And I followed until the darkness came
I felt so lost, you were my cause

So I'll ask again and again
Why the courage left when you numbed the pain
Was I ever part of what you called your plan
I felt so lost that I left your cause
Track Name: Tu oublieras mon nom
La lune nous guidait jusqu'au bord
Des rives qui nous semblaient plus sûres
J'ai nagé vers ton rire dans l’ombre
Dans la nuit qui se teignait d'azur

Et si tout nous semble vide le lendemain
C'est le fleuve qui nous mènera vers la fin

Ne tombe plus et ce pour un soir
Dans ta chute tu cries dans le noir
Et quand tu parles de moi c'est la dernière fois
J'éteins, je danserai là-bas
Et tombe encore, tu promets cette fois
Tu oublieras mon nom

J'ai attendu que tu me laisses
Pour penser à ce qu'on deviendrait
Et si tes mots tes vœux me blessent
C'est qu'il n'y a plus rien de vrai
Track Name: The Way Back Home
All streams lie below the sea
That’s what’s been told, that’s why we’re free
And careless we are when we are young
And all we could do was live through songs

And you came running to my life
Your laugh laced with gold and still gray eyes
Your voice left echoes in my mind
Were you someday to be mine

And I’ll find my way back home
Just to read upon the light that’s in your eyes
And if you ever feel alone
Just remember that I’ll be coming back

And in these waters where we lay
The currents are strong, we’re washed away
We’re looking, we look for different hearts
Once they are found we keep them crossed
Track Name: Oublie-moi (Carry On)
On défie l’ennui du monde, nos grés
Le soleil s’éteint sur nos destins
On court à l’essai
À perte, au pire
J’ai cru que tu m’aimerais pour un temps

Mais laisse-moi tomber
Laisse-nous tomber
Laisse la nuit trembler en moi

Laisse-moi tomber
Laisse-nous tomber
Cette fois

Et oublie-moi
Parcours ces flots, efface mes pas
Car c’est le temps, c’est le temps qui nous guidera

J’ai vu tes peurs
Se cacher près de notre passé
Et laisse-moi seule
Laisse-moi loin de tes côtés
De tes côtés

De nuit on vit
Sous cette lune on danse
C’est à ces moments qu’on sent nos vies

La verve qu’on avait
Reste dans les fonds
D’un fleuve qu’on n’atteindra plus jamais

Laisse la nuit trembler en moi
Laisse la nuit trembler en moi
Laisse-nous tomber pour cette fois